Friday, May 20, 2011

Producer's Bar - Adelaide 12 May 2011

Anthony Ant wondering how and why he is at La Sing
Thank you to everyone who made it to my show in Adelaide last week, it was a fun night out and I am only sad that you didn't all think it was a good idea to go to La Sing afterwards on a school night.
If you would like to see pics and see the handsome boys from Anthony Ant and the Honey Pies you can check out Spoz's Rant for a sweet picture/video blog

I've posted a couple of videos from the night in previous posts if you are interested, one song is called 'I don't remember' which I wrote late last year and the other one is 'Cold' which i think is a couple of years old.

Here is a set list from the night - one day when I record something it might mean something to you:
Memo, Cynicism's, BFF, Stockholm Syndrome (by Yo La Tengo), Angels Wept, I Don't Remember,  Nothing Like It, Cold, You, Dammit (by Blink 182), Blood from Stone, The River.
At least I think it went something like that! - I'm back at the Producers Bar on July 16th and the Exeter on July 18th so hope to see more of you love fools there.

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  1. Got out of bed the next day at 8pm.. worst hangover ever! space caked..