Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Guitar Dream

Most of my infrequent song writing happens on a 3/4 nylon string (i can unfortunately only play in 3/4 time on it as well). Then I translate them to my shitty 80's lightning-cheese electric Samick. But this Morris Nylon string at the Music Swop Shop caught my eye and I'm going to check it out tomorrow - if it sounds nice I'll put a pick up on it and maybe switch to using this for live gigs with my amp (none of this acoustic singer-songwriter business).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Song by Mark Anstey - The flood

Thank you everyone who came out to see us play at the Jade Monkey a couple of weeks ago, it was lovely to see so many of  your familiar faces - and also some new ones!
I've just added a new track from Mark Anstey onto the 'Whistle Up the Wind' mixtape, it's called 'The Flood' and I believe that it is a post-modernist response to the rising waters of consumerism.....just kidding - i don't know what it is about and I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to hazard a guess.
But it is a lovely song all the same.