Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm very excited to announce that  Anthony Wignall, Mark Anstey and I will be launching a demo EP at the ex-pats attack gig in Adelaide under the Whistle up the Wind label !!!
I've been recording over the last few days in my house with Vincent Woww and the tracks are starting to take shape. It would be amazing to be able to include drums and bass on them but I'm just going to have to make do with guitar and vocals for now. I've recently met an amazing drummer so this will hopefully develop into a complete band and perhaps some gigs around ol' Melbourne town...if i can 'break into' the 'scene' somehow...could be difficult considering I don't have a synth or oversized geek glasses...


  1. It works on my computer!!! - do you have a mac? People with macs seem to be having problems - maybe you don't have the right plugins?

  2. likewise... other mixpods seem to work on my computer so I'm not sure what's going on.

  3. Okay - I'm going to change the mixpod player tonight to a different type - it's a little bit hipster douchbag anyway.... not really sure why you guys are having problems :(